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Committed to publishing the works and words of writers and poets around the world.

From rural towns and villages in Africa, Asia and India, and the tiny islands of Bahrain, Malta and Shetland, to the bustling metropolises of Europe, the Americas and Australasia, with many of the contributions reflecting the diverse backgrounds and cultures of the writers, Collections of Poetry and Prose are collections of poetry and short prose on particular themes, topics and subjects, from some of the most talented and inspirational emerging poets and writers around the world.


So far we have published over 1200 pieces of work from almost 260 writers and poets worldwide! CLICK HERE to see the list of our contributors.


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EROS – A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Desire and the Erotic


The TENTH and LAST in the Collections of Poetry and Prose book series.


“Beautiful, subtle, suggestive, and occasionally a little naughty,” EROS explores the themes of desire - sexual or romantic - lust, attraction, sexual fantasy and carnal longing.


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