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Collections of Poetry and Prose



There are so very many brilliant and brilliantly talented writers out there who never get their works seen or their words read, and so our objectives with this Poetry & Prose book series is to showcase poets and writers around the world, and to offer them another platform to display their work. It doesn't matter where you live, your age, your culture, or your writing experience, we are committed to seeing your work printed and your words are read.


We accept contributions from both novice and unpublished poets and writers, as well as from the more well-known, published and acclaimed. If you love writing, wherever you are in the world, whatever your experience of writing, and want to showcase your work and words, consider contributing to one or more or our collections. We can't promise you fame and fortune, but we can promise you that your words and work will be read by a few more people!

No word count for poetry, maximum 1500 words for short prose. You can write under your real name or a pseudonym.

VERY IMPORTANT: Because of the number of different contributions and contributors in each book (for example we had 194 contributions from 86 contributors for LOVE!), and the large number of different countries around the world represented, unfortunately we can't send a complimentary copy out to everyone; it would just be far too expensive - we just wouldn't be able to publish otherwise. However we will send all contributors a pdf copy if requested, and all our books are available at very competitive prices from Amazon websites worldwide, as both a larger format (6 inch x 9 inch or 15.24 cm x 22.86 cm) paperback and on Kindle, and FREE at Kindle Unlimited.


After BETRAYAL our next title will be...

Working cover only

The SEASONS – A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.




IMPORTANT! The book will be divided up into each season so PLEASE make sure each or your work is headed the season under which it should be featured. I cannot accept pieces that don't have this heading.

NOTE: You retain COPYRIGHT on your work. Also, unlike many other publishers, we DO accept previously published pieces, as long as we know where it was published and have the appropriate permission to publish again. We want our writers' words read whenever possible, wherever possible, and by as many people as possible! ALSO... you CAN publish your piece in another publication/s too, as long as you notify the publisher that it was previously published with us.

If you are interested in seeing your work published, please send your contribution/s with the name of the Collection in the subject line please, along with a brief writers' biography (100 - 200 words, plus any contact details you want publishing e.g. your website link, email, blog etc. plus your nationality and the country where you are currently based) to me (Robin) to:




You can submit up to six pieces per Collection too!

Also, you can have your writers' bio, along with a picture (optional) on this website too, giving you even more exposure and adding you name to search engines. We don't add writers to our public website unless requested though, so let me know if required. 

If you love to write and happy to have your words read and your work published, with just a bit of publicity and recognition as remuneration... then we'd really love to hear from you!


All the best, stay creative, and keep on writing!




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