Collections of Poetry and Prose
Collections of Poetry and Prose


Would you like to contribute to expressions?


We are looking for poetry and short prose from both the established and previously published, to the novice and never published. No word count for poetry, Up to 1500 words for short prose. There is no theme for each issue as such; instead expressions will focus more on showcasing the words and work of writers and poets from as many different  countries and cultures as possible, so you can submit on almost any subject, but I don't publish controversy, profanities or anything explicit.


IMPORTANT: Please also include your writers' biography and an image (or two) of you too (optional). You can also include a brief description/explanation of your contribution (if relevant), and any particular images that might go with it (e.g. to highlight a specific theme/place), although when sending images please try to send high-res or large files, otherwise they might look blurry, and you MUST have copyright - please do not send images you don't own, or do not have permission to use.




As well as showcasing poetry and short prose, we are also looking for:

  • Essays and articles on literature, writing and poetry, especially if about your particular country or location.
  • Profiles of writers and poets (past and present).
  • Interviews with either writers/poets, or request a personal interview.
  • Book reviews.
  • Event reviews.
  • Regular shorter columns about living as a writer and/or poet in your particular county/location.




Unfortunately we can't pay contributors at the moment; with so many different writers and poets contributing, from so many different places around the world, it would be impossible to publish if we were to pay for contributions. However, if you love writing and love having your words read, and if you are happy for just a little bit of recognition and acknowledgement as recompense, then please contact us. We will, of course, send you a pdf copy of your featured edition, and add your contributor's biography and your website and social media details to the website too.


Email your contributions/suggestions to:

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