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HEADS OR TAILS – A novel about a young Koori man finding his identity in the emerging multiculturalism of Australia in the 1980s.
By Bronwyn Vanzino – contributor to: THE CHALLENGES OF FINDING LOVE.
ISBN: 978-1507872079


James Finley (Fin), a born leader, tries to help a man wrongly imprisoned. Anger at injustice threatens to devour him in the case and in his unusual personal life. He battles with finding his place in the early multiculturalism of Australia during the 1980s, when many want to use him for their own purposes. Fin finds he has to personally change to succeed in relationships and learns that the road to reconciliation is not as straightforward as many tell him it is, but he believes he can discover success and happiness - on his own terms - and has to learn to play by the rules in the pursuit of justice. Click on the below link for further details about Bronwyn's book, and to buy a copy.

Bronwyn Vanzino's book

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By Cynthia Morrison – contributor to BETRAYAL, HAPPY and EMPOWERMENT.
ISBN: 978-1365150708


Adelia, a grecian prisoner of ancient Rome must win her freedom in order to find existence with her Roman love Germanus. She is unaware of the greatest obstacle to face her after she acquires this hard earned liberty. This book has earned an Honorable Mention Award with the 2017 Florida Book Festival. Click on the below link for further details about Cynthia's book, and to buy a copy.

Cynthia Morrison's book

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WAITING SPACES: A collection of poems describing our life's thoughts, feelings and experiences
By David Hollywood - contributer to LONELY, LOVE, TRAVEL, WAR, HAPPY, BETRAYAL and THE SEASONS.
ISBN : 978-1507633076



A wonderful eclectic collection of almost 80 poems by Bahrain's esteemed poet David Hollywood. David, originally from Ireland but now a resident of the Kingdom of Bahrain, is jointly responsible for the Bahrain Writers' Circle, now one of the biggest multi-national clubs for writers across the region, The Second Circle, Bahrain's biggest multi-national poetry group, and organises the annual The Colours of Life Poetry Festival. one of the most important culturally cosmopolitan events to take place within all of The Gulf region. A must read if you love poetry and love the wonderful eccentricity that is sometimes David Hollywood. Click on the below link for further details about David's book, and to buy a copy.

David Hollywood's book

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By Cynthia Morrison – contributor to BETRAYAL, HAPPY and EMPOWERMENT.
ISBN: 978-1326959395


Desert creatures of the night, visionaries, fallen angels and rebellious titans. How much must one immortal woman face in order to share an existence alongside her reclusive husband? Is her life really a blessing or simply a curse forevermore? Dr. Nautica Crosse defines the true meaning of love within her world of desperation and her crusade against the grim reaper. An entity she would only submit to while clenching his heart. Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies - Aristotle Is the afterlife filled by half souls? A quest of one woman's love as she faces the horrors that surround the figure of her visual passion. Is she any different from the evil forces that she contends with? She herself creates a monster but without malice. A monster for which she has joined as the two become one. Click on the below link for further details about Cynthia's book, and to buy a copy.

Cynthia Morrison'S book

Or search ISBN: 978-1326959395 in your own country's bookstores.

By David Lohrey contributor to BETRAYAL
ISBN: 978-0999079607


Some of these poems are prosaic, some disturbing, some out-and-out hilarious: I like the dark sardonic tone and exquisite vernacular of gallows humor that popped right off the page. David Lohrey commands an arresting, hard won deadpan syntax entirely his own. He can be biting, toothy, sardonic and often ambiguous. I love the casual acerbic tone. He makes me think of “Dover Beach” and Jonathan Swift. He is a deadly serious (and skilled) poet, who happens also to be a very funny man. Charles Bukowski comes to mind. It is a poetry of outrage, a poetry of sadness, and a poetry of laughter. Reading “Machiavelli’s Backyard” is like being invited to a garden party in a Walmart parking lot. CLICK HERE to read an interview with David. Click on the below link for further details about David's book, and to buy a copy.

David Lohrey's book

Or search ISBN: 978-0999079607 in your own country's bookstores.

By Eithne Cullen contributor to WAR
ISBN: 978-1787195820


The body of a baby found in a river, a young woman’s sadness at giving up her child, one policeman’s efforts to bring a killer to justice… Everyone has heard of Jack the Ripper who killed five women. Amelia Dyer, the Ogress of Reading, confessed to taking more than three hundred lives.  She was a baby farmer and murderer in a society where unmarried women were shamed by pregnancy and the lives of their babies were not valued. The Ogress of Reading uses a mixture of fiction and fact to explore her crimes and the lives of those affected by them. Click on the below link for further details about Eithne's's book, and to buy a copy.

Eithne Cullen's book

Or search ISBN: 978-1787195820 in your own country's bookstores.

By Eliza Segiet - contributor to EMPOWERMENT
ISBN: 978-8364193033


Wiersze przedstawione w tym tomie, świadczą o tym, że język odpowiednio ukształtowany może być mostem rozciągającym się nad przepaścią pomiędzy ,,ja" i ,,światem". Przepaść pozostaje, lecz ów most umożliwia nam odszukanie przestrzeni pomiędzy tymi dwoma skrajnymi biegunami naszego istnienia. Pomimo tego, że nasz niewypowiadalny świat wewnętrzny, stale uwikłany jest w siatkę słów i pojęć, poezja stać się może łącznikiem uprawniającym tę paradoksalną strukturę. Click on the below link for further details about Eliza's book, and to buy a copy.

Eliza Segiet's book

Or search ISBN: 978-8364193033 in your own country's bookstores.

By Francesca Baker - contributor to HAPPY
ISBN: 978-1518760167


Eating & Living is a recipe book for those in recovery from eating disorders – by those who have been there, with profits goings to eating disorder charities. This collection of recipes has been shared by people who are recovering or are recovered, carers, friends and family of sufferers, professionals and health experts – and each of them has told their story as to why this recipe matters to them. Born out of conversations by patients on an inpatient ward, it is testament to resilience, hope and belief that recovery is possible, and the importance of physical and emotional nourishment. In a simple and safe format, the book provides balanced recipes meeting nutritional needs, and offers support with grocery shopping and planning meals. Guidance has been approved by registered dieticians, to support readers in feeling confident when following the recipes. CLICK HERE to read an interview with Francesca. Click on the below link for further details about Francesca's book, and to buy a copy.

Francesca Baker's book

Or search ISBN: 978-1518760167 in your own country's bookstores.


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