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By Jasmine Kang contributor to THE SEASONS.
ASIN- 8190481835

A realization and quest of discovery of oneself and life, Jasmine Kang's River of Light is a debut book of poems, prose and artwork straight from the heart. Her writings, drawn variously from her experiences, upbringing and her deep contemplation of the world around her, are striking in their simplicity, yet rich in their scope and treatment. Here's a book you wouldn't want to miss. Here's a book that comes once in a while from a young author. Click on the below link for further details about Jasmine's book, and to buy a copy.

Jasmine Kang's book

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By Jenna Rainey - contributor to to LOVE, TRAVEL and HAPPY.


Spring 2016 - I left my small-town roots behind in search of foreign adventure. Bali would provide me with my first real taste for international travel. This personal memoir is a diary of my misadventures and how I came to fall in love with this island nation. CLICK HERE to read an interview with Jenna. Click on the below link for further details about Jenna's book, and to buy a copy.

Jenna Rainey's book

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DREAMING OF CUPCAKES - A Food Addict’s Shamanic Journey into Healing
By Jennifer Engrácio - contributor to EMPOWERMENT.
ISBN: 978-1504372619


Dreaming of Cupcakes follows a woman's yearlong journey to heal a lifelong addiction to food, utilizing the shamanic medicine traditions she was trained in, her inner resources, and her community of support. Click on the below link for further details about Jennifer's's book, and to buy a copy.

Jennifer Engracio's book

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THE LATE MR. COLLINS: A Pride and Prejudice sequel

ISBN: 978-1909300330


There have been other sequels during the past few years to Austen's masterly Pride and Prejudice, but few have the pacy and truly entertaining plot that this one enjoys. After the death in unexplained circumstances of the unlovable Mr Collins, Elizabeth and Darcy call in a 19th century Miss Marples figure to help solve the mystery. As the story unfolds we revisit old favourites: the scatty Mrs Bennett and the dry-as-a-stick wit of Mr Bennett (who is a chief suspect), but we also discover far more about the backgrounds of original characters like Lady Catherine de Bourgh in such an entertaining and novel way that one could imagine Austen thinking 'I wish I'd thought of that!' Click on the below link for further details about Jennifer's's book, and to buy a copy.

Jennifer Riggs' book

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ISBN: 978-1544867601


Different Wings is a tale of a clandestine friendship between two spirited girls, one African, one English, in colonial times. As they explore the challenges of their environment and their mythologies, they experience the contrasts between attitudes to birth, death, danger and old age, which seem to wholly favour the indigenous culture. The theme takes a Swahili proverb: Kila ndege huruka na mibao yake – every bird flies with its own wings and it was born from deep affection and respect for desturi. And what of their dreams for the future. Click on the below link for further details about Jennifer's's book, and to buy a copy.

Jennifer Riggs' book

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By Julia Underwood - contributor to WAR.


The War is over but there are still battles to be won. After five years apart Bill and Isabel are re-united in devastated Berlin. Struggling to find a place for herself in the war-torn city Isabel has difficulty in re-establishing a domestic routine with Bill. As they strive to rediscover their love they encounter unexpected dangers. Their four-year old daughter is abducted, disappearing without trace. Where? Why? Isabel must draw on hidden strengths and loyalties as she throws herself into a desperate search for the child. Will she manage to bring her family back together before it is too late, or will she have to build a new life for herself? Click on the below link for further details about Julia's book, and to buy a copy.

Julia Underwood's book

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By Julia Underwood - contributor to WAR.
ISBN:  978-1512137170


Is there such a thing as victimless crime? In 1976 a team of friends concoct a scheme to steal from a gambling club in Mayfair. Who would be hurt by that? Not the greedy, dishonest casino bosses and owners. Not the punters willingly throwing their money at the tables and not the public at large. The group race against the clock to extract as much value as possible from the club before new, sophisticated security measures are installed at the casino. Time reveals that every crime has its consequences, however unexpected.

Julia Underwood's book

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By Julia Underwood - contributor to WAR.
ISBN: 978 197401722
ASIN: B076829342


Wealthy, privileged Sophie Cooke, the eldest daughter of a successful English businessman in St Petersburg, has her life torn apart by historic changes in Russia. In the early 1900s, enjoying a luxurious existence and a social life of parties and balls, Sophie becomes engaged to the love of her life; a young doctor, Anatoly Andropov. The outbreak of the Great War means that their marriage is earlier than planned and Tolya goes to serve in a field hospital on the eastern front. Sophie, bored and lonely at home, leaves to join him as a nurse. Later she gives birth to a baby boy and, when expecting her second child, conditions compel her to return to her home city, now named Petrograd. Petrograd becomes the epicentre of the greatest upheaval in Russian history where the Tsar is overthrown and socialist revolutionaries take over the government. During the months and years that follow, the socialist revolution and a bitter Civil War play out amidst uncertainty, lethal danger and brutal violence. Sophie’s family flee to England, to safety, but even that escape is marked with tragedy. Sophie remains in Petrograd with her children to wait Tolya’s return. Conditions in the city deteriorate, threatening her little family with starvation and disease. Sophie endures endless struggles at home and at work in a state hospital with the fate of her husband always on her mind. Where is he? Is he even alive? Serious illness and the fragile health of her children drive her to join her family in England where she hears the worst news possible which forces her to return alone to Russia to embark on a dangerous quest. This sweeping novel of love and loss will transport the reader from tsarist Russia in 1913, through the Great War, the Russian Revolution and Civil War to 1922, finally portraying the life of Russian émigrés in England.

Julia Underwood's book

Or search IBN: 978 197401722 in your own country's bookstores.

MURDERS IN THE BLITZ: an omnibus of three murder mystery novellas.
By Julia Underwood - contributor to WAR.
ISBN: 978-1517068028


1. A Murder of Account: Eve Duncan’s uneventful life is thrown into turmoil when, one wet evening in September 1940, the body of a young woman is discovered in a street near Shepherd’s Bush Green. Eve is co-opted into the short-staffed local police force and sets out to discover the killer. Her best friend and would-be assistant, Charlie Spalding, believes she is not up to the task. Her friends and family fear for her safety. But Inspector Reed is certain that she is more than capable of achieving her end. Eve’s determination to solve the mystery, and to prove that the girl’s death was not an unimportant matter, leads her into danger. She is on a mission to bring the culprit to justice. The onset of the Blitz makes the task even more difficult, but Eve’s persistence ultimately secures her success. 2. A Murder Close to Home: Malcolm Miller, the milkman, is missing. Eve Duncan, an occasional wartime investigator for the Shepherds Bush police, is sent to try and find out what has happened to him. She soon discovers that Malcolm was not as popular as it appears. Then his body is found on a bombsite. Another murder follows and then an attack on a young girl. Eve is convinced that the three crimes are linked, but who could it have been, and why? 3. A Murder in the Country: Eve Duncan, the red-headed amateur detective, had been looking forward to a break in the countryside away from the bombing and mayhem of London. Her sister Grace needed her help to look after the five evacuee children in her care. The peace of the country was disturbed by the discovery of a body in the woods. Later a bloody murder happens that Eve is convinced is connected to the first in spite of official resistance to the idea. Is Eve right? And if she is, who in this quiet backwater could have committed the crimes?

Julia Underwood's book

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THE IMPOSSIBLE FIVE: In Search of South Africa's Most Elusive Mammals.
By Justin Fox - contributor to TRAVEL, LOVE, WAR and THE SEASONS.
ISBN: 978-1909762558


Visiting Africa's game reserves is often all about spotting ‘The Big Five’ – the five most dangerous animals on the continent – the Lion, the Leopard, the Elephant, the Rhino and the Buffalo. But what about those animals you have almost zero chance of seeing? Travel writer Justin Fox decides to draw up a list of the most elusive animals and sets off to find ‘The Impossible Five’ – the Cape Mountain Leopard, the Aardvark, the Pangolin, the Riverine Rabbit and the naturally occurring White Lion. In a humorous, original, off-beat adventure story, Justin travels around Africa in search of these ‘impossible’ animals, discovering along the way that the people studying those mysterious beasts are sometimes stranger than the animals themselves. Click on the below link for further details about Justin's book, and to buy a copy.

Justin Fox's book

Or search ISBN: 978-1909762558 in your own country's bookstores.


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