EMPOWERMENT - A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Personal Growth & Empowerment

ISBN: 978-1981797349



The EIGHTH in the Collections of Poetry and Prose book series.


With topics including finding love, womanhood, illness and disease, overcoming poverty and prejudice, running the marathon, combatting fear, forgiveness, fighting abuse, and many others, in EMPOWERMENT there are 85 contributions from 45 writers in 19 countries: Australia, Bahrain, Canada, China, England, Greece, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Scotland, South Africa, Switzerland, Tanzania and the USA, all exploring the themes of empowerment and personal growth.


EMPOWERMENT is a unique collection of poetry and short prose from some of the most talented and inspirational writers around the world.


Compiled by Robin Barratt with... Abigail George, Barbara E. Robinson, Beaton Galafa, Bernadette Perez, Catherine Vance, Chris Kempling, Chrys Salt, Clare Roslington, Courtney Speedy, Cynthia Morrison, David Hollywood, David Watt, Eliza Segiet, Greg Bogaerts, Jasmine Kang, Jennifer Engrácio, Jennifer Riggs, Jo Wilson-Ridley, John Tunaley, John-Karl Stokes, Kapardeli Eftichia, Kariuki Wa Nyamu, Kathleen Boyle, Kimmy Alan, Lilith White, Linda M. Crate, LindaAnn LoSchiavo, Lynne Chitty, Madhavi Tiwary, Mantz Yorke, Margaret Clifford, Mary Anne Zammit, May Manoj, Nilanjana Bose, Rajnish Mishra, Rebecca Sutton, Renjith P. Sarada, Rosemary Rigsby, Rosie Mapplebeck, Sandra T. Adeyeye, Sara Spivey, S'busiso Manqa, Stella Carruthers, Suzanne S. Rancourt and Zahra Zuhair.


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