EROS - A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Desire and the Erotic


ISBN: 978-1718635227



The TENTH in the Collections of Poetry and Prose book series.




We are now accepting contributions to EROS – A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Desire and the Erotic. We accept submissions from both the novice still waiting to have their first pieces published, to experienced writers and poets with many titles to their credit.


In Greek mythology, Eros was the Greek god of sexual attraction. His Roman counterpart was Cupid. Some myths make him a primordial god, while in other myths, he is the son of Aphrodite. He was one of the winged love gods, Erotes.


You can write about anything to do with desire - sexual or romantic - lust, attraction, sexual fantasy, carnal longing, submission, dominance etc., and between any gender/s however... VERY IMPORTANT; be subtle, be suggestive, be thoughtfully descriptive, be erotic in your writing but do NOT be graphic; we will NOT accept anything graphic or too explicit so please do not submit it.


You can write under a pseudonym for this title if you prefer.


You can submit up to SIX pieces (please don't submit any more than six though). Word count for prose from between 500 to around 2500 words. No word count for poetry. We will send you a pdf of the book once published but unfortunately, because we have so many contributors from so many different countries around the world (for example in LOVE we had 86 writers from over 30 countries!), we cannot send contributors a complimentary paperback copy; it would be financially impossible and we simply couldn't publish otherwise. But if you are happy to have your work published and a little bit of recognition as remuneration, then please consider contributing. We will also promote you a little too by adding your biography to the website, along with any books you have published, and even an interview with you too.


Please send your submissions along with a writers' biography (around 100 to 300 words for the contributors' pages) and website/social media links etc (optional) to:


We look forward to the read!


DEADLINE: JULY 31st, 018


PUBLICATION: Mid August 2018

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