EROS - A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Desire and the Erotic

ISBN: 978-1718635227







The TENTH and LAST in the Collections of Poetry and Prose book series.


“Beautiful, subtle, suggestive, and occasionally a little naughty”


With many of the contributions reflecting the diverse backgrounds and cultures of the writers, in EROS there are 97 contributions from 42 writers in 17 countries: Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Egypt, England, Greece, Kenya, Malta, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Switzerland and the USA, all exploring the themes of desire - sexual or romantic - lust, attraction, sexual fantasy and carnal longing.


From both the emerging novice and the established professional, EROS is a unique collection of poetry and short prose from some of the most talented and inspirational writers around the world.

Compiled by Robin Barratt with... Abigail George, Agnieszka Wiktorowska-Chmielewska, Anna Banasiak, Barbara E. Robinson, Bernadette Perez, Bill Cox, Brian Langley, Chandra Gurung, Chris Kempling, Chrys Salt, David Hollywood, David Watt, DaVonda St.Clair, Dennis Brad Kunguru, Eliza Segiet, Greg Bogaerts, Heidi Al Khajah, John Tunaley, John-Karl Stokes, Julie Lovely, Justin Fox, Kapardeli Eftichia, Kariuki wa Nyamu, Kathleen Bleakley, Kevin Crowe, Kevin Milsom, Kirsty A. Niven, Linda M. Crate, LindaAnn LoSchiavo, Maliha Hassan, Mantz Yorke, Margaret Clifford, Margareth Stewart, Mary Anne Zammit, Norbert Gora, Pamela Scott, Phari Poitier, Rosie Mapplebeck, Sandra T. Adeyeye, Sara Spivey, Seher Hashmi, Suzanne S. Rancourt and Tracy Davidson.




Exploratrix by LindaAnn LoSchiavo.
Lord's Lady by Kevin Crowe.
Hunger by Margaret Clifford.
Burning (To) The Rest by Agnieszka Wiktorowska-Chmielewska.
There's None So Blind by Bill Cox.
Indigo by Kathleen Bleakley.
Hypnotic Suggestion by David Watt.
With Eyes Closed by Bernadette Perez.
Wrapped Up In You by Heidi Al Khajah.
His Perfect Penis by Julie Lovely.
Vaginal Monologue by Rosie Mapplebeck.
In Celebration Of Kissing by Pamela Scott.
The Flavours Of Love by Anna Banasiak.
Nina And I by Sandra T. Adeyeye.
The Last Dance by Chris Kempling.
Merchants Of Venus by LindaAnn LoSchiavo.
If I Were A Bath Sponge by Tracy Davidson.
Pleasure by DaVonda St.Clair.
Rapture by Eliza Segiet.
New Dreams by Linda M. Crate.
Sex Of One by Chrys Salt.
Lost in You by Mary Anne Zammit.
Hand In Glove by David Watt.
A Feeling, Emotion Or Fantasy by Maliha Hassan.
Extract From Black Diamonds And Dust by Greg Bogaerts.
Strawberry Girl by Pamela Scott.
Painfully Good by Heidi Al Khajah.
Maintenance Man Wanted... by Phari Poitier.
When You Touch Me by Suzanne S. Rancourt.
Behind Closed Doors by Eliza Segiet.
I Feel Her Beauty by Dennis Brad Kunguru.
Erotic Space by Norbert Gora.
#PassionRomanceCaptivate by DaVonda St.Clair.
Lobe Of Desire by Chris Kempling.
Bull Barriers (Toro Barreras) by John Tunaley.
The Lovers by Greg Bogaerts.
Lonely Salsa by Anna Banasiak.
High On You by Seher Hashmi.
First Love by Barbara E. Robinson.
Girl Next Seat by Kariuki wa Nyamu.
Breath Of Love by Eliza Segiet.
Hanky Panky by Brian Langley.
Morning Glory by Dennis Brad Kunguru.
Sweet Honey by Kapardeli Eftichia.
Firing Her Up by Chrys Salt.
Midnight's Talk by John-Karl Stokes.
What A Ride! By David Watt.
Fine by Kirsty A. Niven.
Unrequited Love by Barbara E. Robinson.
I Dream Of Dreams Entanglements by David Hollywood.
Will You Be My Valentine by Dennis Brad Kunguru.
Young German Woman With The Graceful Neck by Abigail George.
Belief by Chandra Gurung.
Lyrics All Our Own by Linda M. Crate.
Lullaby by Mantz Yorke.
Oranges by Suzanne S. Rancourt.
Eight Bells by Justin Fox.
Not Goodbye by Abigail George.
Passion by Tracy Davidson.
The Za-Za-Zu by Pamela Scott.
My Heart Belongs To Memphis by DaVonda St.Clair.
I Promise It Won't Hurt Baby by Dennis Brad Kunguru.
Moments In Time by Heidi Al Khajah.
Love On The Beach by Chrys Salt.
Magnetic Female Force Field by John Tunaley.
Medicus Amour by LindaAnn LoSchiavo.
As Raindrops Fall by David Watt.
I Speak Of Leda by Tracy Davidson.
The Last Summer by Pamela Scott.
Touch by Eliza Segiet.
Why The Girl Can't Help It by LindaAnn LoSchiavo.
Confessions by Kariuki wa Nyamu.
Little Lake, Pond, Or Bay by Suzanne S. Rancourt.
Us by DaVonda St.Clair.
A Better Man by Bill Cox.
Everything You Need By Linda M. Crate.
Cupid And Psyche by LindaAnn LoSchiavo.
Forever Love by Phari Poitier.
In Woodland Stream by David Watt.
The Things You Do by Pamela Scott.
Fire And Desire by Chris Kempling.
Crossing The Line by John Tunaley.
How Could I Fail To See? by Kariuki wa Nyamu.
A Lover's View by Barbara E. Robinson.
A Change Of Time? by Brian Langley.
Pause by Suzanne S. Rancourt.
On The Inside: Loved by Rosie Mapplebeck.
Even If That Cannot Be by Linda M. Crate.
Miss Jones by Tracy Davidson.
Birds by Anna Banasiak.
Echoing by Heidi Al Khajah.
The Three Stages by Sara Spivey.
Ripples by Seher Hashmi.
Without The Means by David Watt.
Nenuphar by Eliza Segiet.
When He Loved The Sea by Mary Anne Zammit.
The Mall by Kevin Milsom.
Érotique Is... by Margareth Stewart.



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