THE CHALLENGES OF FINDING LOVE... and why men sometimes get it so wrong!
ISBN: 978-1977599117

ASIN: B0777L8L8Q


What women really want in a relationship, what men really want, and how they can often be so very different is an undeniably fascinating subject, and in this compelling, often thought-provoking, occasionally funny and at times even heart-breaking collection, forty-one writers from fifteen cultures and countries worldwide (America, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, England, Germany, India, Ireland, Malta, Nigeria, Pakistan, Scotland, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Wales) discuss openly and honestly, and in their own unique way, their relationships and the challenges they have faced (and continue to face) with finding love... and why it often goes so terribly wrong.

Compiled by Robin Barratt with... Aarati, Abigail, Akanksha, Alea, Ananya, Anita, Anne, Arun, Bee, Brigette, Bron, Charli, Claudia, Elizabeth, Farzana, Heera, Jennie, Jennifer, Jenny, Karen, Linda, Lisa, Madhavi, Mai, Mary, Mary Anne, Morven, Pamela, Rachael, Razan, Rohini, Rose, Sandra, Sheeja, Tara, Toni, Tracey, Uzma, Vicki, Zahra and Zanele.


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OR search ASIN: B0777L8L8Q in your own Amazon store.

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