Collections of Poetry and Prose
Collections of Poetry and Prose


Where do our writers get their inspiration from? What motivates them to write? When and where did they first get their love of words? How do they turn that initial thought or idea about something into creating words on paper? What does writing mean to them?


In depth and personal interviews with some of our amazing and talented writers and poets around the world.

BEE PARKINSON - Scottish writer and poet living in Fife, SCOTLAND.


BERNADETTE PEREZ - American writer and poet living in New Mexico, USA.


DAVID LOHREY - American writer and poet American living in Tokyo, JAPAN (ONLINE SHORTLY).


DAVID WHITAKER - English writer living in Chandigarh, INDIA.


DENNIS BRAD KUNGURU - Kenyan writer and poet living in Nairobi, KENYA.


FRANCESCA BAKER - English writer living in London, ENGLAND.


GRANT M. KINGI - New Zealand Maori writer living in Dunedin, NEW ZEALAND.


JENNA RAINEY - Irish writer living in Bath, ENGLAND.


JOHN R SABINE - Australian writer and poet living in Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA.


KATHLEEN BOYLE - English writer currently teaching in Binh Duong, VIETNAM.


KEVIN CROWE - English writer Living in Caithness, Wick, SCOTLAND.


LINDA M CRATE - American writer living in Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA.


LYNDA TAVAKOLI - British writer and poet living in Lisburn, NORTHERN IRELAND.


LONITA NUGRAHAYU - Indonesian poet living in Manama, BAHRAIN.


MARC BRIGHTSIDE - Scottish / English writer and poet living in Croydon, ENGLAND.


MANU MENARD - French writer and poet living in Bouafles, FRANCE.


MAXINE ROSE MUNRO - Scottish poet living near Glasgow, SCOTLAND.


NORBERT GORA - Polish writer and poet living in Góra, POLAND.


PAMELA SCOTT - Scottish writer and poet living near Glasgow, SCOTLAND.


ROSEMARY RIGSBY - Canadian writer and poet living in Vancouver, CANADA.


SANDRA T. ADEYEYE - Nigerian writer and poet living in Abuja, NIGERIA.



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Unfortunately, due to other publishing commitments, we are not accepting any further submissions for the rest of 2017. However, if you are interested in submitting to our 2018 Collections, please CLICK HERE and send us a message or an email – we will then keep you updated with all our future projects and how you can contribute.

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