Akanksha Bhatnagar

Interview with Akanksha Bhatnagar


Age 18

Indian - living in Gwalior,



Hi Akanksha, thanks for being interviewed! First easy question... Where did you grow up and what was it like?

I was born and brought-up in Gwalior India. The whereabouts of this place and the ease of the lovely people around have made me literally fall in love with this exotic place. I love to be in Gwalior; the various foodstuffs around and the diversity of the nature that plays along throughout, all the different seasons here. My terrace has an awesome view to the famous and ancient Gwalior Fort. All things in-and-around have been good for me till now. The  reason is I find happiness in everything I have. I seldom complain about anything to anyone!


Does growing up in Gwalior still influences your writing now?

Oh yeah! Of course, My family, The biggest among the reasons of my encouragement and support throughout for my writing. Besides the diversity of nature, as discussed above, the cultural heritage around, the on-going daily activities; everything has kept inspiring me since my childhood to jot down something, or the other on paper and well, the hunger for writing and growing as an artist is still on.

Can you remember writing down your first structured words at school?

No. I really don't remember my very first structured words but what I remember is one of my poems which I wrote when I was in 12th Standard. It is still close to my heart, as I wrote it in Hindi, my mother tongue, on the eve of The Hindi Divas - an annual day celebrated on 14 September in India -  because here people nowadays are forgetting the essence of this language and they don't like to use their birth language, so I wrote it and still love to perform it.


It seems you have a real love of words?

Yeah, I always love to express more through writing rather than speaking. Perhaps my introvert nature left me in love of words, and I'm glad that it helped my nerves well. Over the years, despite me turning more into the extrovert side, I've made it clear to myself that words are my first love, and they have never left me alone, and so I am fond of these all the time. So, the more I grow, the more I fall for them in life.


Do you plan to go to University?

I'm currently pursuing my second year graduation from K.R.G college affiliated to Jiwaji University, Gwalior. I love to be a part of a curriculum where studies and extra co-curricular activities are very well balanced, and I get a fair chance always to display and diversify my skills, including my innate passion for writing. You may say that writing flows entirely in me. I'm solely passionate about it, and I write because I love to.

Tell me about your very first writing engagement.

My work was published for the first time in an Indian anthology Kuch Ankahe se Alfaaz, published by HBA publication. I submitted my three poems for it, and all were selected. One of them was the first piece of my writing I wrote it during my school days. My poems, articles and stories have since been published in many e-magazines, magazines, books and ebooks.


What projects are you are currently working on?

I'm currently working for my two upcoming anthologies. First one is Memories and Mirages, in which I'll be writing a story for it for the very first time, and other one is Africa's BK Muqhuzus's anthology. These are because as I believe in 'The more You do, The more you grow' and diversification is pretty much needed in today's era - for a better sustenance and proper consistency, no matter what field you are in. And writing is all about your horizons of opening wings at different destinations, to know yourself better.


What really inspires your?

My family, A very nice bunch of some really nice friends, My self-conscience and my endless desire for writing inspires me. Besides, situations and nature also held me responsible for holding a pen, always. I don't stick to a particular topic for long but yeah, love and relationships is what I crave more for, in writing though.

What is the process of transforming that initial moment of inspiration, or idea, into actual words on paper?

Just a plain glass of water, A nice thought process, and a calm-cum-soothing place makes me jot down exactly what I feel and wish to express. Sometimes, even insomnia helps. The word shall make me feel connected to a place or person in some form or the other, and then the flow becomes easy. If not, then I need to put my imaginations into actions.


Do you have a particular writing location?

Not as of now. I'm a free soul and I write wherever I feel free and in fact, everywhere! I believe, being location specific binds you to a particular topic and then it becomes difficult to switch to other genres.


What are your plans for the future?

I haven't thought much on it yet, but yes one thing is for sure... I will die writing. And yeah, I would like to be a great writer in the future.


Lastly... what does writing MEAN to you?

Writing is my first love. Writing to me is as important as is breathing and living. I can't survive without writing and expressing about things and people. I have been in love with writing since my early childhood days, and will be loving it always and forever. And according to me; 'Writing is not just a work, it is the feelings of a writer who has the potential to change the world by his or her thoughts.'

Thanks so much Akanksha, and thank you for your wonderful contributions to THE SEASONS and THE CHALLENGES OF FINDING LOVE. Don't stop writing!



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