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Interview with Bernadette Perez


Age 50

American - Living in New Mexico,



Hi Bernadette, thanks for taking time out to answer a few questions. So, you grew up California? What was that like?

Well, I was actually born in Belen, New Mexico. My family then moved to El Paso, Texas and than a year later we moved to El Monte California where we lived until I was ten years old. I have fond childhood memories of school, and of the park across the street. Events from my past appear to me occasionally, as if they were a series of images unaware of their immediate surroundings. Life there was memorable and never once did I realize that the environment I lived in was perhaps not as I envisioned it was as a child. In 1972 my family moved back to their roots in Belen though, but there were many instances from my past that still surface within my writing today.

Did you love words as a child?

Yes, I remember when I was thirteen and I was assigned to read Romeo and Juliet. Still etched in my mind is how I was saddened by the passages embraced by love. In my high-school years my writing evolved from the passion of a young girl in love, along with heartbreak and pain and after graduation from high-school, I fell in love and gave birth to three children.


And did that love of words continue as you got older?

I did not go to college, I continued working in a restaurant, which I'd been doing since I was thirteen years old. One day my daughter was doing her homework and brought home a copy of Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell Tale Heart. Wow! I enjoyed the intense dialogue. I felt that I lost time.  She brought me a book for my birthday and this is where my reading really began. I expanded my reading to Shakespeare, Hemingway, and Tennyson. With reading and writing my knowledge grew.

Where are you working at the moment?

I studied at the Disney School of Business Management in Florida, have been in the restaurant business for over thirty-seven years, and am a Team Leader of Burritos Alinstante. I have been a loyal part of the team for seventeen years. We work on developing long-term and short term goals and developmental strategies in business.


And how has your love of poetry developed?

I have been a member of New Mexico State Poets Society since 2005. I attend monthly meetings where fellow poets read from their own work, and work from some of their favourite authors. Here is where I experienced poetry as not just writing upon paper, but as an outlet for my soul. Poetry needs to be heard, perceived and interpreted differently by each and every individual, and the meaning of a piece of poetry for me can have an entirely different meaning for another; the understanding of what conveys the author's creativity and how did the artist affect your interpretation, differs by emotion and dialogue. Poets need to tell their story. In April 2017 I was elected President of the New Mexico State Poetry Society. Our goal is to promote poetry in New Mexico and Beyond.

What inspires you to write?
My passion for literature inspires me to write. I write a variety of thoughts, both real and imagined, and there are times that I write non-stop for hours; creating as if possessed. My best writing is done late at night when it is quiet with no interruptions.


The last two years I have been focusing on my work in print. In 2015-2017 my work appeared in over forty publications. I believe this is my time to move forward with my own collection and focus on my first book for publication.


What are your THREE favourite books?

Moby Dick by Herman Melville, Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain and Charlotte's Web by E.B. White. I love literature that has depth, adventure and imagination.

What does writing MEAN to you?

Writing for me means freedom. Freedom to be anyone at anytime. Through writing I journey in past, future and make-believe. I write in the moment. In a way I am able to decompose my journey; to walk through my life as it constantly changes.


Thanks so much Bernadette, and thank you for your wonderful contributions to TRAVEL, LOVE, WAR, HAPPY, BETRAYAL and THE SEASONS. Don't stop writing!
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