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Interview with David Watt

Age 58

Australian - living in Canberra,




Hi David, thanks for taking time out to answer a few questions. So, you grew up in Victoria, Australia? What was that like?
I was born and raised in the small town of Kyabram, some 200 kilometres North of Melbourne. This was primarily a fruit growing and dairying region. Kyabram was a wonderful place to grow up as it was an easy-going place of community spirit.


Did you love words as a child?
Yes, I remember writing an essay on recycling when I was in early primary school, and having an article with accompanying photo published in the local newspaper. Apart from this, I generally loved words, and English was always my strongest subject at school.
And did that love of words continue as you got older?
My love of words has never abated. Work and life commitments have often taken first place ahead of writing. However, I now find a regular place for writing, as I enjoy the creative process and shaping of words onto page.

Where are you working at the moment?
I work at Intellectual Property Australia (IP Australia) in the capital city of Canberra.
In a small team, as an S.M.E. (Subject Matter Expert), I administer Plant Breeder’s Rights for Australian applications.

And how has your love of poetry developed?
I have taken to writing poetry in the last several years. Classical poetry is in my opinion the only long-lasting and truly satisfying form of poetry to write and appreciate. I am proud to be member of The Society of Classical Poets, based in New York. The challenge of seeking continuous improvement in my writing is my greatest motivator.

What inspires you to write?
An idea which springs to mind, a feeling brought on by an element of my environment, or an interesting anecdote, will inspire me to write. I write at my laptop when I have spare time, with no set time of day or night. Generally, I write quickly from start to finish and then revise if need requires.
What are your THREE favourite books?
Classic FM One Hundred Favourite Poems, The Banjo’s best-loved poems, chosen by his grand-daughters, Favourite Poems of C. J. Dennis.

Finally... what does writing MEAN to you?
Writing is for me an enjoyable pastime and a satisfying means of expression. Through writing I attempt to better my efforts each time, and I always strive to learn from the example set by great poets, past and present.

Thanks so much David, and thank you for your wonderful contributions to TRAVELLOVEWARHAPPYBETRAYALTHE SEASONS, and will be contributing to EMPOWERMENT. Don't stop writing!
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