Collections of Poetry and Prose
Collections of Poetry and Prose



In Issue 1...

What is poetry?
An in-depth look at what turns words into poetry
By David Hollywood - Switzerland

Essentially, poetry is a vast collection of linguistic expressions that are so special in their construction they travel to the extremes of communications boundaries...

With Lonita Nugrahayu - Indonesia
And a selection of her poetry
"I  have a real love for words; they play in my mind like children play in a playground..."


With Bee Parkinson - Scotland
And a selection of her poetry

"I can be inspired by pretty much anything. I’m not joking! One of the things that really inspires me though is just looking at people as they pass me, or I pass them, and wondering about their individual lives..."


  • How The Pearl Got Its Lustre, a short story by Nawf Al Basam – Saudi Arabia
  • In A Bay Off Old Muharraq and Bas Ya Bahr (The Cruel Sea), two pearl divers’ poems by Rohini Sunderam - The Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Addiction a poem by Courtney Speedy - New Zealand
  • After The Barrel Bomb, a poem by Fouad M. Fouad - Syria
  • From Within a poem by S'busiso Manqa - South Africa
  • Back To Breda a short story by Greg Bogaerts - Australia
  • An Arranged Marriage a true story by Zahra Zuhair - Sri Lanka


As well as poetry and short prose from China, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Canada, USA, England and many, many more, PLUS articles and essays.


Full contents list for ISSUE 1 online shortly...



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