LONELY - A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Loneliness and Being Alone

ISBN: 978-1523912780





The FIRST in the Collections of Poetry and Prose book series.


Featuring 118 contributions from 57 writers in 26 countries, with many of the contributions reflecting the diverse backgrounds and cultures of the writers, and all writing in their own unique style, LONELY - A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Loneliness and Being Alone, is an extraordinary, unique and eclectic mixture of both traditional and modern verse, and short prose, from writers around the world.


Focusing on just about every aspect of loneliness and being alone, and covering topics as diverse as old age, bereavement, abandonment, divorce, entrapment, unrequited love, depression, trauma, failure and addiction, as well as the more abstract and esoteric, LONELY has been praised for its diversity and mix of writers and styles.

Compiled by Robin Barratt, with... Abigail George, Alan Murphy, Alan Rorke, Alistair Baptista, Anna Cheung, Ashraf Booley, Bernard Levinson. Cameron John Bryce, Chandra Gurung, Charmane MacGregor, Christine Mcleod, Claudia Hardt, Courtney Speedy, David Hollywood, Dawa Rinzin, Douglas Bruton, Farha A. Jaleel, Gail Dendy, Gayathri Viswanath, Grace Ebbey, Guy Morris, Heidi Al Khajah, Ian McKenzie, Irwin Rego, James Scalise, J D Trejo-Maya, Karishma Krishna Kumar, Kathleen Boyle, Keith Nunes, Lonita Nugrahayu, Lucy Reid, Lynda Chouiten, Lynda Jessen-Tye, Lynda Tavakoli, Madhavi Dwivedi, Maire Malone, Maren Bodenstein, Margaret Clough, Mary Burgerhout, Megan Macleod, Nilanjana Bose, Omar Ahmed, Robert Hirschfield, Rohini Sunderam, Rosie Mapplebeck, Ryan Joel, Sally Spedding, Sameer Qamar, Sara Spivey, Shirley Sampson, Simon Atkin, Simon Wong, Stu Armstrong, Toni Curran, Tyrrel Francis, Vaijayantee Bhattacharya and Zahra Zuhair.


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