LOVE - A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Loving and Being in Love

ISBN: 978-1532701726





The SECOND in the Collections of Poetry and Prose book series.


In the second of the Collections of Poetry and Prose book series, L0VE - A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Loving and Being in Love features 194 contributions from 86 writers and poets around the world, all writing in their own unique, wonderful and occasionally quirky way about loving and being in love.


LOVE is being praised worldwide for its diversity and mix of poets, writers and styles.

Compiled by Robin Barratt, with... Akwu Sunday Victor, Alan Murphy, Alasdair S. Goudie, Angharad Thompson Rees, Andrew Hunter, Barbara Hawthorn, Bee Parkinson, Bernadette Perez, Brian Langley, Brigette Furlonger, Carol Ann, Cath Bore, Catherine Morgans, Chris Kempling, Clare Lightfoot, Clement Clark, Courtney Speedy, Darren Sharp, David Hollywood, David Watt, Dayle Ashton, Dominique Megane Clinckemaille, Don Adams, Ella Edwards, Elspeth Glenday, Farha A. Jaleel, Frank Cardiff, Frank Meintjies, Greg Bogaerts, Guy Morris, Heidi Al Khajah, Helen Bowers, Hunter Armstrong, Jacky Perez, James Scalise, Jenna Rainey, Jennifer Riggs, Jessica L. Jackson, Joe Gallagher, John Karl Stokes, John R. Sabine, John Stockdill, Jo Wilson-Ridley, Justin Fox, Karin Slater, Karishma Krishna Kumar, Kariuki wa Nyamu, Kathleen Bleakley, Kathleen Boyle, Kathleen Coyle, Kathleen Vallance, Katie Lewington, Keith Nunes, Kev Milsom, Kimmy Alan, Kirsty A. Niven, Leon Stelmach, Lonita Nugrahayu, Lucy Reid, Madhumitha Murali, Mandy Mullen, Marc Brightside, Martin Redfern, Maxine Rose Munro, Megan Costigan, Megan MacLeod, Michelle Lee, Molly Donald, Nikita Krishna Kumar, Nilanjana Bose, Norbert Gora, Pab Roberts, Pallang Mofokeng, Pamela Scott, Rachel Walker, Rhyl Graham, Ronald L Kundinger, Rosie Mapplebeck, Ryan Joel, S'busiso Manqa, Sara Spivey, Steve Howrie, Trudy Duffy – Wigman, Vaijayantee Bhattacharya, Zahra Zuhair and Zondrae King.


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