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"I have had work published in The Black Dog Anthology, The National Poetry Anthology 2013 and have been short-listed in the Adhoc competition. In December 2016, my story Mr and Mrs Christmas is to be published in WORDS magazine. Early 2017, my book – a romantic suspense will be published." Karen has contributed to WAR.
E: catkatietom@yahoo.co.uk
T: @KarenLawton19

Karin Slater is a Scottish poet and short fiction writer from the Outer Hebrides whose work has appeared in a number of publications, including The North, New Writing Scotland and Northwords Now.  She graduated in Creative Writing from the University of Glamorgan in 2006 and is working hard with a view to a poetry collection. Karin has contributed to LOVE.
E: karin_2930@yahoo.com
Blog: Wordpress.karinslater.com


Karishma is a freelance writer from India and has completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Pune. As an avid traveller, she draws inspiration from the lives of people she’s met during her explorations of the underbelly of her country. Raised in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and an introvert during her childhood years, she has also completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Communication in Bahrain and finished her MBA in Public Relations from Symbiosis International University. Karishma has contributed to LONELY and LOVE.

E: karishmakrishnakumar@gmail.com

W: www.Karishmakrishnakumar.com
Blog: morning-fire.blogspot.com


Kariuki wa Nyamu is a highly artistic Kenyan poet, radio playwright, editor and high school teacher. He holds a BA in English, Literature and Education from Makerere University, Uganda. He started crafting excellent poetic pieces during his high school days. He has won creative writing competitions at school, university and national level. Apart from poetry and radio plays, he also writes film scripts, short stories, satirical essays as well as children’s tales. He is also an accomplished verse and public speaking coach, film enthusiast and music lover. His poetry appears in A Thousand Voices Rising (2014), Boda Boda Anthem and Other Poems (2015), Best New African Poets 2015 Anthology, Jalada Africa 04: The Language Issue, Bonus Edition (2016), Parousia: A Christian Arts and Literary Magazine Issue II (2016), Dwartonline Literary Magazine Issue II (2016), and also forthcoming in Multiverse: Kenyan Poetry in English Since 2003, Experimental Writing: Volume 1, Africa Vs Latin America Anthology, Babishai Niwe  Children’s Poetry Anthology, among others. He is presently pursuing an MA (Literature) at Kenyatta University, Kenya. Poetry is certainly his territory. He recently co-authored a Children’s Poetry and Short Story Anthology titled When Children Dare to Dream and won Babishai Niwe 2017 Haiku Prize. Kariuki has also contributed to EROS, THE ELEMENTS, EMPOWERMENT, BETRAYAL, HAPPY, WAR, TRAVEL and LOVE.

E: nyamukariuki@gmail.com

Descended from lighthouse keepers, Kathleen lives in Wollongong, Australia, between the sea and the escarpment. Kathleen’s poem/s are from Lightseekers, her third book and second major collaboration with 'pling. Their previous publication is Jumping Out Of Cars with Andrea Gawthorne. Kathleen was born in Morocco on a Thursday. “Thursday’s child has far to go... ” Kathleen has also contributed to EROS, THE ELEMENTS, THE SEASONS, WAR, TRAVEL and LOVE.
E: kathleen@pling.id.au
W: Ginninderrapress.org.au/poetry
FB: Lightseekers via ‘pling Px

Kathleen Boyle nee Dodd, was born in Liverpool, where she spent her childhood years before leaving to train as a teacher in Hull in 1972. Kathleen has worked as a teacher in Hull, Leeds, London and Carlisle and international schools in Colombia, Bahrain, Cairo and Vietnam. She has written stories and poems throughout her life and published a collection of poems about growing up in 1950s Liverpool entitled, Sugar Butties and Mersey Memoirs, as well as a collection of poems for children about a teddy bear called Harry Pennington in 2008. During her time in Bahrain she wrote The Pearl House, a short story which spans the cultural divides of Liverpool and Bahrain. The story, together with her poems, Bahrain and Umm Al Hassam were published in My Beautiful Bahrain and More of My Beautiful Bahrain. Kathleen has written a series of children’s stories for Beirut publishers Dar El Fikr, two of which, The Jewel of the Deep and The Magic Pearl and Dilmun, have now been illustrated and published. She has written a novella, Catherine of Liverpool, completed and published while she was teaching in Cairo, together with her poems Alexandria and Bolivia. She is presently working on a sequel to Catherine of Liverpool. A mother of three and grandmother of two, she is now into her fifth decade as a teacher, combining her love of writing, painting and travel with teaching and is currently working in Vietnam. Kath has also contributed to LOVE, TRAVEL, LONELY, HAPPY, BETRAYAL, THE SEASONS, and EMPOWERMENT.
E: kathdodd@aol.com

Kathleen is a Scottish writer currently based in Glasgow. Since graduating from University of Strathclyde, she has had two short stories published. She also writes features for Glasgow based zine TYCI. Kathleen has contributed to LOVE.
E: katdubs261@gmail.com
T: Twitter.com/coyle_kat

Kathleen lives in a rural Victorian town in the Wimmera region of North West Victoria, Australia. She works as a Learning Support Officer, and is a performing bush poet, both of the comedy and traditional Australian genre. She has won several performance competitions and has spent the last several years honing her stage and performance techniques. “Nothing thrills me like getting the spoken word out to audiences.” Kathleen has contributed to TRAVEL and LOVE.
E: rkvall51@tpg.com.au


Katie is a widely published poet from the UK and likes to review the books she reads, listen to music, daydream, watch Cary Grant films, help The Pithead Chapel journal and Transcending Shadows review and Punks Write Poems Press sift through their submissions, sniff 50 year old poetry tomes and enjoy the aesthetic display of many literary magazines (she has been published in some of these) She has self published a collection of her own poetry and is currently focusing on finding a publisher for her (many) chapbooks. She reads widely and continues to help promote independent authors through social media. Katie has contributed to LOVE.

E: katielewington@yahoo.com

Blog: Katiecreativewriterblog.wordpress.com

Twitter: @idontwearahat


Keith is a former New Zealand newspaper journalist and world traveller. His evocative and thought-provoking poetry and flash fiction has been published in journals and anthologies across the planet. His chapbook Crashing the Calliope is sold by the lunatic fringe. He is a Pushcart Prize nominee and lives beside Lake Rotoma (Rotorua) with renowned artist Talulah Belle. Keith has contributed to THE ELEMENTS, TRAVEL, LONELY and LOVE.
E: kwn@ihug.co.nz

Kevin was employed in various manual jobs before going to university as a mature student. After university, he worked with homeless young people, then in the 1980s was employed by several English social services departments as an HIV/Aids worker. In 1999, Kevin and his husband Simon moved to the Highlands to open a bookshop, art gallery and restaurant. In 2014 they retired. Kevin currently writes for the Highland community magazine Am Bratach, the Highland LGBT magazine Undividing Lines and KaleidoScot. He has been active in trade union politics, describes himself as a Socialist and has over the years been involved in various voluntary activities. He is currently a volunteer for his local Foodbank. Until recently he was a committee member of Highland LGBT Forum, a tutor on the Inverness based Pink Castle Philosophy Club, and convenor of the Highland LGBT Writers Group. Since the late 1960s his poetry, fiction and non-fiction have appeared in numerous magazines, websites and anthologies, and most recently in On The Day of the Dead and Other Stories, Rock, Sand and Sea, Joe Stepped Off the Train and Other Stories, Random Acts of Writing, Libertine, Outboundmusic.com, Poetry Scotland and Northwords Now as well as Am Bratach, KaleidoScot and UnDividingLines. Kevin has also contributed to EROS, THE ELEMENTS, BETRAYAL and WAR.
E: kjc0740@gmail.com

Kev is in the early stages of his fifth decade and originates from Bristol, in the west of England. He currently writes for several magazines and websites, along with working for a small publishing company; focusing specifically on encouraging new writers. Here, he conducts interviews and reviews literature, particularly when it involves someone's first novel, or poetry. While he has had poetry and short stories published in several anthologies, Kev is still battling fiercely against the dreaded obstacle of ‘completing a first novel’.  Now, suitably armed with stronger anti-procrastination tools, he hopes to have something finished in 2017… possibly 2018 at the very latest. Kev has contributed to EROS and LOVE.
E: kevmilsom@yahoo.co.uk

Kimmy is a wannabe poet from the land of Lake Woebegone. A retired steel worker who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, Kimmy Alan pursed his love of poetry as a distraction while undergoing chemo and radiation. For him, poetry has proven to be a powerful catharsis as he is currently in remission. When he isn’t writing he spends time with his four wonderful nieces, whom he says: “are driving him to pieces.” Kimmy has contributed to TRAVEL, LOVE, HAPPY, BETRAYAL, EMPOWERMENT and THE ELEMENTS.
E: kimmyalan@outlook.com

Kirsty A. Niven is from Dundee, Scotland where she lives with her husband and cats. Her writing has appeared in a number of anthologies such as A Prince Tribute, Landfall and Of Burgers and Barrooms. She has also had poetry appear in numerous journals and magazines, including The Dawntreader, Cicada Magazine, The Machinery and Dundee Writes. Kirsty's work can also be read online on websites such as Cultured Vultures, The Scottish Book Trust, Silver Birch Press and several others. Kirsty has also contributed to EROS, THE ELEMENTS, THE SEASONS, BETRAYAL, HAPPY, WAR and LOVE.
E: kaniven13@outlook.com

“I am a 21 year old student currently pursuing my Post graduation from Delhi University, India. It was only recently that I started taking my writing seriously and wanted to showcase it to the world. I believe in the power of art, faith, and the universe. I am working towards publishing my own collection of inspiring prose pieces that help people smile a little brighter, and think a little longer.” Kritika has contributed to HAPPY.
E: Kritikachawla.95@gmail.com
Blog: purplenwhiteblog.blogspot.com
Instagram- 2407kritika

Lee is a freelancer and poet from northern Michigan, USA. She is an author and member of the writing site TheProse.com. Her father served as a flight surgeon in the US Navy, and several of her extended relations have enlisted in the Armed Forces. Growing up in a military family has given her a deepened understanding of the meaning of patriotism. World War I aviation remains her particular interest. Lee has also contributed to WAR and HAPPY..
E: williamswriting@neato.neomailbox.net

A late comer to creative writing and poetry having, for too long, been involved with the penning of business reports and plans. Now supported and inspired by friends and colleagues at Huntly Writers and, with a little more time to think, Leon is beginning to learn the writers trade. Still seeking metier, he is busy experimenting with everything from the Haiku to a short novel. Leon has contributed to LOVE, WAR and BETRAYAL.
E: leon.stelmach@btopenworld.com

Lilith grew up in apartheid South Africa, where she has witnessed the tides and the tidal waves of transformation and has discovered that the only constant in life is change. She is an explorer of the heart, a detective of the super-sensible, a story teller, philosopher and poet. When she wrote her first love poem, at age thirteen, she knew she was destined to become a writer. From that moment onward, she spent all her time staring out of classroom windows writing poetry, and has been writing ever since. She was largely a closet writer until her, out of the box, creative non-fiction memoir, The Other Side of My Reflection, was published. She is working on a sequel, The Men-O-Pause Diaries and plans to publish the best of all her poetry; an anthology mapping out her turbulent love relationships, from the innocence of early womanhood, when she lost her first love to the heartbreak of loves lost later on in life, entitled, From Crayons to Perfume. Lilith has contributed to EMPOWERMENT.
E: lezgreen@gmail.com
W: www.Thenewreflectionsoflilithwhite.com
FB: Lilith White

Linda is a writer born in Pittsburgh, yet raised in the rural town of Conneautville, whose works have been published in numerous anthologies and magazines online and in print. She is a two-time push cart nominee and has a Bachelors of the Arts in English-Literature. She has four published chapbooks A Mermaid Crashing Into Dawn (Fowlpox Press, June 2013), Less Than A Man (The Camel Saloon, January 2014), If Tomorrow Never Comes (Scars Publications, August 2016), and My Wings Were Made To Fly (Flutter Press, September 2017). Linda has also contributed to EROS, THE ELEMENTS, EMPOWERMENT, THE SEASONS, BETRAYAL, HAPPY and WAR.
E: veritaserumvial@hotmail.com
FB: Facebook.com/Linda-M-Crate-129813357119547
Blog: http://bloodandmagic.blogspot.com



"My name is Lonita. I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia and spent my entire university life in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have also stayed in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and now I reside in Bahrain. I am at a poet, and an advocate of Women's Crisis Care International, an organization that helps women who are victims of domestic violence, sexual harassment and sexual assault. Currently I am working on my first poetry book." Lonita has contributed to LONELY and LOVE.
E: lonitaan@outlook.com

Lucy found writing at 14, when her first real story was read aloud. A stuffed full car ride several years later, would take her to the literary heart of Edinburgh. There her calling to write grew. Here she found herself in poetry, even performed her first reading. Dipped into her first ever screenplay. Dived into her first-love – prose. Now she spends her time searching the city for stories, and carries a little teal notepad wherever she goes. Lucy has contributed to LONELY.
E: lucyalannareid@gmail.com
Blog: Theimperfectreader.wordpress.com

Lynda teaches literature at the Department of Foreign Languages of the University of Boumerdes (Algeria). She is the editor of a volume entitled Commanding Words: Essays on the Discursive Constructions, Manifestations, and Subversions of Authority (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016) and the author of Isabelle Eberhardt and North Africa: A Carnivalesque Mirage (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2015) as well as of several articles pertaining to culture and literary criticism. Lynda writes poems in English and fiction in French – she has just completed one full-length novel. She is also interested in literary translation. Her major current project consists in translating into English the poems of Si Mohand U’Mhand, a nineteenth-century nomadic Berber poet. Lynda has contributed to LONELY.
E: chouiten_lynda@yahoo.fr

Lynda has had articles published locally and writes short stories and poetry. She wrote a column for two years for her local Parent Centre's Newsletter called New Mum On The Block. She has entered several short story competitions and won one in 2012 with her story Early Morning. In 2016 she started entering poetry competitions. She lives in sunny Nelson in New Zealand with her husband, eleven year old daughter, a dog, a cat and three tropical fish. She is a part-time early childhood teacher. Lynda has contributed to LONELY.
E: lyndajessentye@gmail.com

Lynda Tavakoli, author of Attachment and Of Broken Things, facilitates an adult creative writing class in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. Her poetry and prose have been broadcast on both BBC Radio Ulster and RTE Sunday Miscellany. Literary successes include poetry and short story prizes at Listowel, the Mencap short story competition and The Mail on Sunday novel competition.  Lynda’s poems have been included in a variety of publications including Templar Poets’ Anthology Skein, Abridged (Absence/Magnolia/Silence/Primal/Mara),The Incubator Journal, Panning for Poems, Circle and Square, North West Words, Four X Four (Poetry NI), The Honest Ulsterman, A New Ulster and Corncrake magazine. She has been selected as The Irish Times Hennessy poet of the month for her poems about dementia, a recurring theme in much of her poetry. Her debut short story collection is entitled Under a Cold White Moon (David J. Publishing). Lynda has contributed to LONELY.
E: lyndatavakoli@aol.com

”I am a deacon and live in the grounds of a retreat centre in Devon with a cat and a variety of rescue animals. i have a life-long interest in animal welfare and am a big Spurs fan. i have written for Quiet Spaces magazine, ROOTS resources, I co-ordinate a creative writing group and have recently initiated a monthly charity writing competition.” Lynne has contributed to WAR and EMPOWERMENT.

E: lynnechitty50@gmail.com
W: www.lynnechittypoetryandprayers.com

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