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“My first rendezvous with writing was at college. My scribbling, which I fondly called 'poems', was proudly and regularly passed on to the like-minded class mates. We would exchange the little slips, dubbing them 'data' in the psychology class and savour each other’s badly cooked write ups. After about four years of such expressions of passionate thoughts, there came a grand lull in my writing. Laundry lists, love and hate letters replaced all that writers' pride – 'data'. It took a decade for me to pick up writing again with zeal and zest. As a result, in the past few years I have written about fifty articles which were published in the editorial columns. I have written as many poems many of which are still hatching in the warmth of my private closet. My articles were invariably written when I hungered to share my thoughts with the world. However, most of my poems were the direct consequence of some kind of personal flood happening in my heart. My most cherished aspiration is publishing a joint book of my daughter’s, and my, write-ups. A subsidiary dream, life permitting, is to write a book which could summarize my life’s emotions in the form of a story that will leave the readers with a smile in their heart and with a storm in their minds.” Madhavi has contributed to  LONELY, LOVE, TRAVEL, HAPPY, THE SEASONS and EMPOWERMENT.
E: madhavi.dwivedi@gmail.com

Madhumitha Murali is a fiction writer, poet and an MBA graduate. She is from Bangalore, India. She has published few poems with Seventh Quarry Magazine and has contributed to The Voices Project. She is currently looking for a publisher for her short story collections and poetry book. She is also working on a full length novel. Madhumitha has contributed to TRAVEL, LOVE, WAR and HAPPY.
E: madhusana14@yahoo.com
Blog: Dailywritesmag.blogspot.in
Blog: Loveyourlifeinspiredbyself.blogspot.in

“I am French and currently live in rural Wairarapa, New Zealand, although I am moving back to France shortly as I have just resigned from teaching French to be a published fiction writer. I have published a book on language teaching titled: Taking the plunge: the task-based approach to teaching languages in your classroom (with French resources)." Manu has contributed to HAPPY.
E: manumenard07@gmail.com


Marc is an author of poetry and realist fiction for adults, currently residing in South London. Marc first discovered poetry at university under the tuition of Julian Stannard, and since obtaining his Master’s degree he has been published in various outlets across the UK, including a top ten placement in 2016’s National Poetry Competition. His poems have also appeared in video form. He is affiliated with Poets Anonymous and The Poetry Society, having performed by invitation at the latter’s Poem-A-Thon charity fundraiser in Summer 2017. Marc’s debut poetry collection, Keep it in the Family, will be available via Dempsey & Windle from October 2017, and he frequently performs readings in-and-around London. Marc has contributed to LOVE, WAR and BETRAYAL.
E: marcbrightside@yahoo.co.uk
W: https://marcbrightside.wordpress.com
Twitter: @MarcBrightside
FB: @MarcBrightside

After a forty-year career in education in regional Queensland, Australia, Margaret retired and moved to live in Brisbane and began focussing on reading and writing poetry. Her poems are regularly used for reflection by the St Mary’s in Exile community in Brisbane and are published in their Bulletin, St Mary’s Matters. Margaret self-published her first collection, Stitched Pages in May 2016. She is a regular participant in Speedpoets and her poems have also been published in the poetry magazine, The Mozzie. Margaret has also contributed to EROS, THE ELEMENTS, EMPOWERMENT, TRAVEL and HAPPY.
E: mdkanga@gmail.com

Martin lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. A publisher by occupation, he writes short stories and poetry as well as occasionally contributing journalistic pieces to newspapers. Martin's literary work has appeared in a number of publications including; The Puffin Review, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Far Off Places, Southlight and Obsessed with Pipework.  Martin was a runner-up in The Puffin Review's short story competition on the theme of Obsession. Martin has contributed to TRAVEL, LOVE, WAR, HAPPY and BETRAYAL.

E: mcr3@btinternet.com

Mary Anne is  a graduate from the University of Malta in Social Work, in Probation Services, in Diplomatic Studies and in Masters in Probation. Mary Anne has also obtained a Diploma in Freelance and Feature Writing from the London School of Journalism. Mary Anne paints, writes poetry, novels and articles both in Maltese and in English and is the author of three fiction books in Maltese; the first book was Id-Dell ta’ l-Eżmeraldi, and Ir-Raġel l-Iswed, the latter was awarded a prize by MAPA (Maltese Association of Authors and Publishers) This was followed by a fiction book with the title Stupru (Rape). In 2005 Marie Anne attended for a script writing workshop in Sitges, Spain. The book was presented in the literary section in the festival; Woman Creators of the Two Seas. Woman and Tradition, held in Thessaloniki, Greece between the 28 August and 04 September 2006. The Festival was organized by the Unesco Centre for Women and Peace in the Balkans. In 2008 the novel Torn Velvet was published and exhibited at the New Title Show Case at the London Book Fair between the 14 and 16 April 2008. The same book was published by the Mental Health Group with the title Shattered Wings. In 2009 Mary Anne's fourth book in Maltese Tfal Misruqa, (Kidnapped Children) a novel about the reality of missing children and child pornography, was published. In 2009 the Marie Anne's short story My Son, My Past was highly commended in the Aesthetica Annual Creative Competition UK. In 2010 two poems were published in the Strand book for International Poetry by Strand Publishers UK. In 2015, the novel Dawn in Seville was published. In 2015 one of Mary Anne‘s poem has been set to music and performed during the Mdina Cathedral Art Biennale by Maestro Reuben Pace. Mary Anne‘s literary work was also featured in Literature Today, Volumes 4, 5 and 6. Other  two poems were published in 2016 in Taj Mahal Review Volume 15, published by Cyberwit India. One other poem was published in the New English Verse in 2016, and in Praxis online magazine for Arts and Literature. Mary Anne has also contributed to EROS, THE ELEMENTS, EMPOWERMENT, THE SEASONS, BETRAYAL and WAR.
E: mariefrances3@gmail.com

Mary, originally from the Outer Hebrides, is a member of Huntly Writers in the North-East of Scotland. She writes occasional verse in both English and in her native language of Gaelic. Mary has contributed to LONELY.
E: maryburgerhout979@btinternet.com

Mary is an American, living in Doha, Qatar and works with professionals who want to communicate more clearly in the marketplace. She does this through writing. Mary also works with different entities who want to leave a lasting legacy by documenting their family stories and histories. Her book: Culturally Speaking: Promoting Cross-Cultural Awareness in a Post-9/11 World was a finalist for two U.S. book awards for literary excellence. Mary has contributed to WAR and THE SEASONS.

E: marycoons@usinternet.com

W: www.marycoons.com

Margaret is a retired Soil Chemist and Science teacher. She has had poems and short stories published in various journals and contributed to the collection of plays for schools Short, Sharp and Snappy edited by Robin Malan. She is the author of two collections of poems: At Least the Duck Survived and The Last to Leave. both published by Modjaji Books. Margaret has contributed to LONELY.
E: margieclough@webmail.co.za

Maxine grew up in the Shetland Islands. Having never once set foot off the islands she left for Glasgow at age 18 and the subsequent culture shock has never left her. She still feels as if she is an islander, though one now adrift. Her poetry has appeared in Northwords Now, The New Shetlander, Obsessed With Pipework and Artificium, among others. Maxine has contributed to LOVE.
E: maxinerosemunro@gmx.co.uk

Currently pursuing her last year of High School, Meenakshi hails from Kerala, India. From a very young age, she has shown an interest in painting, dancing and creative writing. An avid book enthusiast, she is inclined towards penning down real life scenarios and depicting personal feelings through poetry. Meenakshi has contributed to THE ELEMENTS.
E: rajesh.meenakshi2000@gmail.com

“I’m a university student in New Zealand, studying towards a Bachelor of Arts degree and intending to go on to have a career in libraries. I started writing short stories when I was about seven or eight years old, not knowing what else to do with my overflowing imagination. Over the last six years, I've been fortunate enough to have been a winner of a few different writing competitions, including the Minister of Veterans’ Affairs Passchendaele Multi-Media Competition 2014, the New Zealand History Teachers’ Association Historical Fiction Competition 2013, and the Times Newspaper Anzac Centenary 2014 Writing Competition. As a six-time winner in the annual Re-Draft Competition, some of my pieces have also been published in the Re-Draft Competition anthologies: The Temptation of Sunlight (2011), Walking a Tightrope in Bare Feet (2012), Mad Honey (2013), The Word is Out (2014), They Call Me Ink (2015), and The Dog Upstairs (2016). I read - more than is probably healthy - and my love affair with words has prompted me to start working on a novel.” Micaela has contributed to WAR.
E: micaela_m@windowslive.com

G Poet (Michael Ihenacho), a graduate of GIS (Geographical Informational Science) of the University of Manchester is an individual passionate with expressing his thoughts, feelings in a creative form. During his varsity days (specifically 2006) in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Anambra State, Nigeria, he was involved in Dance ministration (solo/group), rap/poetry (Spoken word), radio presenting (Blaze FM, Nnamdi Azikiwe University) as well as a bit of song writing development as he was involved in the youth choir. During his master’s programme in the UK, He aired a Christian contemporary show, 316 Lounge for two semesters upon applying for FUSE FM, University of Manchester. This proved his creative niche that further deepened his love for spoken word upon joining young identity, Manchester, UK. He currently resides in Abuja, Nigeria. Michael has contributed to WAR and HAPPY.
Twitter: @emmynacho316

“I'm an associate professor of literature, fiction writing, and composition at Daytona State College on the coast of Florida. For the past three years, I've also served as one of the poetry editors for Rivet: The Journal of Writing That Risks, based in San Francisco. I've published across genres, was invited to read my work at the University College London, and bear the Pushcart Prize nominee badge for my poetry. This past Spring, my work was published in the anthology, All We Can Hold, by Sage Hill Press. You can also find some of my recent fiction and poetry online at Animal Literary Magazine, The Vignette Review, and The Citron Review.” Michelle has contributed to LOVE.
E: michelle.lee@daytonastate.edu

Mimi Martin is a Scottish writer living and working in the Highlands of Scotland. She has written a number of short stories, though latterly she has concentrated on writing children’s books. This crossover is due in part to her job as a primary school teacher. Mimi is also a bit of an artist and enjoys illustrating her own kids' books. Her work for children can be obtained from Amazon. Currently Mimi is working on completing a novel and beginning a new children’s detective book. Mimi has contributed to HAPPY.
E: mimiandkit@hotmail.co.uk
W: www.mimimartinbooks.com

"My name is Molly Donald from Glasgow, Scotland. I have been writing since I was welcomed into the world of doubl-digit ages. From writing on Wattpad, to writing with others in groups, and exploring the world of writing as much as my young brain can. I am soon to be attending City of Glasgow College, where I will be studying Creative Writing for a year before moving onto Uni to expand my knowledge of the writing world further. My career aspirations has always been to write, and write, and write more. There's nothing else in the world I want to do. I write about everything: the people I love, the strangers I meet, the things I feel." Molly has contributed to LOVE.
E: yllomdonald@gmail.com
Tumblr: Writing-woes.tumblr.com

"I am a 23 year old young woman with dreams and ambitions. I love, love; The concept, the feeling and all the emotions. I fell in love with the idea of being able to love unconditionally. This happened when I turned 20. I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I always felt better after writing thoughts and emotions. Facing an emotion was the one thing I was incapable of. Overtime I wrote about a variety of things. Love being one of them. My soul aim in life is to let everyone know how very beautiful they are. 'Love may seem like the most difficult thing a person does. Know that Loving is the easiest thing one does in a day'” Nikita has contributed to LOVE.
E: naina.k812@gmail.com

Nilanjana is a parent, writer, poet, blogger and a market research professional. Born in Kolkata, India, brought up in New Delhi and West Africa, her mailing address has changed some 15 times so far and she is always ready for the next change. She believes in travelling light, and a sense of humour, along with the passport, is top on her packing list. Dipping into other cultures and countries, whether as an expat resident or a tourist, refreshes her writing muscles. She speaks English, Bengali and Hindi; and understands more Arabic than she can account for. She has a first class degree in Maths from Delhi University, a diploma in Marketing from Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK; and has lived/worked in India, Nigeria, Bahrain, UAE and Egypt. She celebrates the diverse range of cultural environments that she has experienced and her ability to navigate different landscapes of language, beliefs and customs. She has written over 2000 poems, 100s of short stories, flash fiction and essays, her writing is informed by her travels as well as her own heritage. Her poems, short stories, essays and travel memoirs have been published in both print and on-line. Her first book was a collection of short fiction in Bengali called Seemaheen Bidesh (Foreign without Borders). Her work has appeared in print in Ananda Lipi (US), Sabaya (Bahrain), in multi-author anthologies like Social Potpourri – An Anthology and 10 Love Stories released by Indiblogger and Harper Collins India in 2015, as well as online in e-zines like eFiction India. She was a contributing editor in Inner Child magazine (US) with her own byline Passport to Our World a travel feature which ran to a 24 part series. Nilanjana contributed to LONELY, LOVE, HAPPY, BETRAYAL and EMPOWERMENT.
E: nilabose306b@gmail.com
Blog: Madly-in-Verse

Norbert is a poet and writer from Poland. He is an author of almost 80 poems, which have been published in poetry anthologies around the world - in United States of America, UK, India, Nigeria, Kenya and Australia. In his writing can be seen the mix of the light emotions, full of happiness and dark, horrorful experiences of life. Norbert has contributed to EROS, BETRAYAL and LOVE.
E: norbert.gora@aol.co.uk

Pab is based in Scotland and writes on the themes of humour, magic realism, nature and loss. He was selected by Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Trust as Story Shop writer for the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2015. Previously publications include: The Guardian, Leither Magazine, Freak Circus, The Pygmy Giant and Erica. Pab has contributed to LOVE.
E: pab_roberts@hotmail.com

In South Africa, in the Eastern Cape, there lies a small city named Sterkspruit. There in Sterkspruit there's a small, tiny village of Walaza. The 1995 August on the 3rd, a son was born to the Bafokeng family by the name Pallang Mofokeng. He was born a first child to Bukelwa Mpalweni who married to a family of the Sothos to Tukelo Mofokeng. Pallang is a young ambitious writer not yet with a name but his goal is beyond his writing. Pallang has contributed to TRAVEL and LOVE.
E: Pallang639@gmail.com

Pamela is thirty five years old and lives in Glasgow, UK with her partner. Her poems and stories have been published in various magazines including The New Writer, Carillon and Words with Jam. Her poems have been published in anthologies by Indigo Dreams Press including Crab Lines off the Pier. Her poems and stories have won 2nd and 3rd place in various competitions including the Newark Poetry Society Competition and the Global Short Story Competition. She has completed two novels and is seeking publication / representation, and is working on a third novel and a series of short stories inspired by the seven deadly sins. Pamela has also contributed to EROS, THE SEASONS, BETRAYAL, HAPPY, WAR, TRAVEL and LOVE.
E: pamelascottwriter@gmail.com
W: Pamelascottwriter.com/
W: Pscottwritingnotebook.wordpress.com
FB: Facebook.com/pamelascottwriter
T: twitter.com/pscottwriter
Blog: Thebookloversboudoir.wordpress.com

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