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Rachel recently graduated from the University of Glasgow with a first class honours degree in English Literature and History. She currently writes short stories, features, and film and theatre reviews for various student magazines; acts as the Membership Engagement Officer for the Scottish Writers' Centre and is the present Creative Writing Editor of qmunicate magazine. Rachel has contributed to LOVE.
E: rlwalker1@hotmail.co.uk
Blog: Whatracheldidblog.wordpress.com

Renjith was born in Thiruvananthapuram, India and now lives in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Renjith is married to Bindu with two children, Govind and Gayathri. He is a telecom/project management professional, having an innate interest in writing articles with a tinge of humour. He is a member of Bahrain Writers’ Circle and contributes guest columns in newspapers that are in circulation in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He acts in stage plays occasionally too. Renjith has contributed to EMPOWERMENT.
E: renjithps@gmail.com
Blog: renjithps.blogspot.com

Rifat is a Bahraini blogger and a member of The Bahrain Writers' Circle. “Writing is a hobby where I am able to pour out my feelings and emotions to boost my self-confidence. Purpose of sharing is not for fortune or fame but helping others who are in search of a helping hand to get back again. My style is on my current experiences; though not a professional but short and flows to be more philosophical to keep it open for the readers to relate it to their current happening. Blogs written so far as below: Inbox, 2 Extremes, House of Glass, Human Tag, Identity Theft, Days of our life, 3 pieces, mind to mind, Happiness. Rifat has contributed to HAPPY and BETRAYAL.
E: ri2ar@hotmail.com  
Blog: thearticlebox.wordpress.com
LinkedIn: Linkedin.com/in/rifat-najam-b1798619

“I am a New York-based poet and travel writer. My poems have appeared in magazines such as Salamander, Tablet and Pamplemousse in the United States, Descant in Canada and European Judaism in the United Kingdom. I also review books of poetry and do feature pieces on poets for various publications, including Sojourners in the United States and Kindred Spirit in the United Kingdom. Some of my travel writing, which consists mostly of India stories, belong to a category I call Travelling With Poets. I will take the poetry of the great African-American poet, Lucille Clifton, for example, and 'travel' with it through the years of racism in America that I grew up with.” Robert has contributed to LONELY.
E: bobbyhirschfield@gmail.com


Rohini is a semi-retired advertising copywriter whose articles and stories have appeared in The Statesman, Calcutta, India, The Globe & Mail, Canada, and The Halifax Chronicle Herald, Nova Scotia, Canada in addition to several Bahrain-based publications. As Zohra Saeed, she is the author of Desert Flower (Publisher: Ex-L-Ence Publishing UK). She was a contributor to the anthology My Beautiful Bahrain (Publisher: Miracle Publishing, Bahrain), More of My Beautiful Bahrain, Poetic Bahrain, and What Women Really Want, Corpoetry – a collection of poems satirising corporate life (Publisher: Ex-L-Ence Publishing). A poem was selected for publication in the international competition Poetry Rivals (Published by Remus House, UK) 2012. A story: Your rebirth, My death, placed 5th from 179 entries in the Atlantis Short Story contest 2013. She has presented her poetry in the annual Colours of Life Poetry Festival in Bahrain in 2012, 2013, 2015 & 2016.  Her poem After Tremors was a finalist in Goodreads’ Poem of the Month competition for May 2016 where it placed fourth.  She is an active member of the Bahrain Writers’ Circle. Rohini has contributed to LONELY, HAPPY and BETRAYAL.

E: RohiniSunderam@hotmail.com
Blog: Fictionpals
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RohiniSunderamAuthor/

“I was born in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada, and lived my childhood and teen years in logging camps and small towns on Vancouver Island. After high school in Lake Cowichan, I attended the University of Victoria, and a few years later moved to the City of Vancouver. I worked, raised my family, and upon 'retirement,' I re-enrolled full-time in university to further my interest in writing. My first book, Prairie Seas, Mountain Harvest, was published in 2014, followed by Five Nights in a Turtle in 2017. When not being wife, mother, and 'Granny,' I work on other writing projects.” Rosemary has contributed to WAR, THE SEASONS, EMPOWERMENT and THE ELEMENTS.
E: rrigsby@telus.net

W: www.rosemaryrigsby.wordpress.com

FB: RosemaryRigsbyAuthor


Rosie’s stories and poems are from her deep experience of living among animals and birds and of magic. She loves sharing traditional tales, her stories and poetry to audiences where families and friends share together. She hosts live literary events in Ayr and takes story walks round Ayrshire. She co-owns a boarding cattery, offering holistic and healing care for animals. She studied botany with David Bellamy, has been a Special Constable, Veterinary Nurse and once ran a heavy metal disco. She is part of the Living Voices project which shares story, song and poetry with elders and those with dementia. You may also find her wild dancing; foraging plants for gastronomic delectation or caring for her bees. Rosie’s poetry has been published by Glasgow Review of Books, Poetry Scotland, Open Mouse, Fairacre Press and featured in Word on the Streets magazine and short-listed by Imprint Book Festival. Rosie has also contributed to EROS, THE ELEMENTS, EMPOWERMENT, HAPPY, LOVE and LONELY.
W: www.Rosiemapplebeck.co.uk

Ruth is an Australian educator and writer, who is exploring short story writing after having written two short novels for children and published a well-received non-fiction book, Challenge and Choice, which describes the culture of Anglican schools in Australia. Ruth has also contributed chapters to several other educational books. She has taught language and literature at secondary level, worked in school marketing and promotional journalism and for several years was employed by the Senate of the Parliament of Australia in administration and editing. Currently she works as an educational consultant. She and her husband have four adult sons whose varied activities contribute to her inspiration. Her interests include bushwalking and travelling. Ruth is a member of the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) Writers Centre. Ruth has contributed to HAPPY.
E: redw7191@uni.sydney.edu.au

Born in Wales, Sally is a well-published crime/thriller writer. Her short stories and poetry have also been regularly published and won several major awards, including the H.E Bates Short Story Prize and the Anne Tibble Award for Poetry. She has won and been shortlisted for the Aesthetica Poetry Prize, the Bridport Prize, and many others. Twice a winner of the Anglo-Welsh International Poetry Competition, her latest work is in Poetry Salzburg Review 28. Sally has contributed to WAR.
E: sallyspedding@btinternet.com
W: www.sallyspedding.com


Sameer Qamar, a Bahraini national, is a member of the biggest writer’s group in his native Bahrain, The Bahrain Writers' Circle, most notably as an active member of its sister group The Second Circle which deals exclusively with poetry. Sameer has a body of work which consists of well over three dozen poetic works, covering a wide gamete of topics, from something as simple as a lazy morning commute to something as controversial and complex as critiquing the popular cultural zeitgeist of the day. Sameer has publicly performed his works on several occasions in his native Bahrain, most notably as part of the widely acclaimed Colors Of Life poetry festival, one of the most popular poetic fixtures in Bahrain's cultural calendar. A number of his poems have also been published collections of literature centered around Bahrain entitled More of My Beautiful Bahrain and Poetic Bahrain. Sameer has contributed to LONELY and BETRAYAL.

E: sameerleo@hotmail.com

Sandra is a graduate of theatre Arts from the University of Benin, Nigeria. She is the Founder of Eminent Creators, a business committed to promoting theatre art in Nigeria.‎ She has written and participated in several stage plays locally including: Generations, Stand Up for Me, Opera l’eko, the Rejected Future, Queen Idia, Nekighidi, Hand In Hand, Childe Internationale, What The Hunter Saw, Everybody Wants to know, The Father and others, and has also written several poems like Her Royal Purpleness, Drops, Primrose, Struck and others. Her works have been featured on blogs and websites across Africa including PoetsinNigeria and infobase. Sandra has also contributed to EROS, EMPOWERMENT, BETRAYAL, HAPPY and WAR.
E: eminentcreators1@gmail.com

W: www.eminentcreators.org
Blog: Eminentcreatorsblog.wordpress.com

Originally from London, Sara spent a number of years working in advertising, marketing and training in the West End before moving to Hong Kong as Associate VP for ESPN TV. She fell in love with the Far East and its emerging artwork scene, so when she relocated to Phoenix, Arizona in 2000, the US restrictions whilst waiting for her green card, propelled her to start her own business. This she did, becoming an independent art dealer specialising in Vietnamese paintings and Chinese sculpture, which was well received by the US and European markets. After spending 10 years in America she returned to the UK for a short period before moving to Egypt three years ago working as a teacher in Cairo. She comes from a small family of journalists and published authors, publishing her own first novel in 2012 called The Dragon of Hidden Treasures aimed at the pre-teen market. Prior to this she had always focused on short story writing which she still loves creating. She currently has her second book The Starbucks Soap sketched out. Sara has also contributed to EROS, EMPOWERMENT, TRAVEL, LOVE and LONELY.
E: sara_sparky@email.com

S'busiso is a South African born Poet, author and film-maker, who has recently published a book titled: Understanding Life Through Poetry (2016) and is currently a creative director in a media company based in South Africa called Octopus Vision. He has also collaborated in humanitarian projects with the International Association of Scientologists to inspire change in the townships of South Africa. S'busiso has contributed to TRAVEL, LOVE, BETRAYAL, THE SEASONSEMPOWERMENT and THE ELEMENTS.
E: sbusisomanqa@gmail.com

Seher is a mummified poet, a classified satirist and a bona fide healthoholic. She lives by the lull of songs, lyrics, poems, ballads and spoken words poetry and often records her rhythmic repertoire via her blog space. Her poems and imagery are inspired by the works of three iconic women: Maya Angelou, Arundhati Roy and Brenda Shaughnessy. Currently, she is working on her first chap book of poems with a passion. Seher has contributed to EROS and THE ELEMENTS.
E: seherhashmi34@yahoo.com

Sergio is a gay Puerto Rican poet and the founding editor of Undertow Tanka Review. He is a two-time Pushcart nominee, a four time Best of the Web nominee, and a 2016 Best of the Net nominee. He is currently working on his first full length collection of poems, Elephant Graveyard. Sergio has contributed to HAPPY and BETRAYAL.
E: ortsergio@gmail.com
Blog: undertowtankareview.blogspot.com


Shamil is a real ghost on the literary world; his eager quest on this corrupted social world made him an exclusive critic on social and political issues. His several pseudonyms contributed bunch of serious articles on major dailies like The Guardian, The Hindu, New York Times etc. He was born in India and studied Civil Engineering. In fact he never wanted to be a serious writer, in his endless travels he realized that how ugly the world is and somehow he wants to contribute his protest against this injustice by simple words. Later this 28 year old guy produced several sting operations, shone as an investigative journalist in fuming issues. Shamil lived with cave men in Himalaya, experienced a tribal life with naked forest tribe of Papua in Indonesia. This eccentric modern hippie would go anywhere and will write about anything. In his words he is an inactive poet, a lazy writer and a firing journalist. He participated in different NGO programs in India, Thailand and Indonesia. His poems and stories were published in several renowned magazines. Now he is now living in Bahrain and is working on his first book Halogena- a literary travel fiction. Shamil has contributed to BETRAYAL.

E: shamilme5@gmail.com

S R Sullivan has been writing fiction, and a little poetry, for over fifteen years and hopes to someday publish a full-length novel. At present, SR is focusing on writing different types of short story and flash fiction and is enjoying the challenge of writing on new themes and in different genres. SR has contributed to WAR, HAPPY and BETRAYAL.
E: s.r.sullivanfiction@outlook.com
W: www.srsullivanfiction.wixsite.com/writer

“From Aotearoa New Zealand I am a writer and information studies student with a passion for sustainable living. My writing style is lyrical and always poetic and expresses a deep love of imagery and metaphor. As a writer, you could say I like to paint pictures with words. The density of description in my work reflects this ideology. I am an avid journal keeper, a keen knitter and vegetarian cook who loves to drink a lot of tea and who takes pride in being owned by two elderly cats.” Stella has also contributed to BETRAYAL, THE SEASONS and EMPOWERMENT.
E: stellacarr20@gmail.com
T: twitter.com/Stellabelle20
LinkedIn: Linkedin.com/in/stella-carruthers-3b0bb7118/

Tamanda is a 19 year-old Malawian who is currently studying journalism at the University of Malawi. She has been writing fiction and poetry for as long as she can remember, but nothing has been formally published yet, except in school newsletters and her country’s local paper. She is now looking for bigger and broader platforms to showcase her writing. Tamanda has contributed to THE ELEMENTS.
E: tamandakanjaye@gmail.com


“I am a Northern Ireland-based writer of crime, general fiction and poetry, and am married with one son. During the 1980s, I moved to Germany, where I lived in Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, for a time, before finally settling in Wolfsburg. As a result, I am fluent in German. Upon my return home, I created a number of successful commercial ventures before accepting a lecturing post at a local college. I have been studying at the University of Ulster for the past two years, as part of my postgraduate degree in teaching - which I completed in June of this year - receiving a commendation for my work. When I’m not writing, I like attending literary and classical music events, and working on German classic cars.” Terry has contributed to THE SEASONS.
E: terryjohn60@outlook.com
W: www.Terryhickland.co.uk

Toni grew up on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Gaining work experience in a wide range of industries and roles such as; an Executive Assistant, IT Sales Consultant, Real Estate Residential Sales Specialist, Business Development Manager, Security Personnel and now as a Funeral Director/Arranger/Conductor and mortuary assistant. Although she doesn't write much, she loves it when she does. Now in her mid 40s, Toni continues on her path of self discovery, learning about life and its myriad of lessons. Toni has contributed to LONELY and THE CHALLENGES OF FINDING LOVE.
E: chileezz1@live.com.au

“I was born and bred in the Netherlands when nobody had stepped on the Moon yet and a telephone was a big Bakelite object. I graduated in Tourism, did a Master’s Degree in Online Learning and taught Tourism in college. Now living in Scotland, I own and run a shop and try to write in the time left after selling buttons and ribbons. Two of my stories have been published in anthologies.  I hope I can get a few more published. English is not my first language but it has become the language of choice when writing.” Trudy has contributed to LOVE.
E: duffy.wigman@btinternet.com

Tyrrel was born in Northamptonshire in 1975, and spent his early school years in Avonmouth, and secondary school years in Hampshire, joining the Royal Navy in 1991. A keen Martial Artist since the age of 13, Tyrrel has always based most of his writing subject matter around this, whether that be his book Personal Safety & Self Defence, or his upcoming novel Blood, Sweat & Tears. Poetry has always been another love of his, and has recognised the need to be diverse as a writer, and the use of poetry both as an exercise in description and diversity, and a satisfying outlet for emotions and thoughts. Tyrrel has contributed to LONELY.
E: calmlymode@yahoo.co.uk

Vaijayantee is an editor and writer with over 12 years of editorial experience in the print and publishing media. She is currently associated as Editor of a few well-known magazines and publications. A poet at leisure, several poems of hers have been published in various publications, and she is currently working at her own anthology of poems. Vaijayantee has contributed to LONELY and LOVE.
E: vaijayantee@gmail.com
W: Teatalkwithvaijayantee.weebly.com

Zahra has been writing since the age of fourteen, and been on a journey since then to discover her identity as a poet: “There is so much to write about. You can start anywhere and with anyone.” She is a Sri Lankan, currently residing in Bahrain. She is an English Language Teacher and enjoys seeking out opportunities to contribute to her society. Most of her poetry and prose are written to convey a message that she hopes readers can find. She is currently working on a book about marriage and divorce, and a compilation of poetry about human emotions and the turbulent nature they can possess. Zahra has contributed to TRAVEL, LONELY, LOVE, WAR, HAPPY, BETRAYAL and EMPOWERMENT.
E: zahrazuhair.91@gmail.com
Blog: Keeeptalking.wordpress.com

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