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We are looking for contributions from lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender writers around the world interested in writing about love and relationships for our new book titled:

OVER THE RAINBOW - The Challenges of Finding Love for the LGBT Community
ISBN: 978-1978432598

ASIN: Available shortly


With many of the contributions reflecting the diverse backgrounds and cultures of the writers, we are planning to have around fifty lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender writers from around the world discuss openly and honestly their relationships and the challenges and difficulties they face finding love, and how this often differs greatly between communities, countries, cultures and nationalities.


Maybe you have had relationships but for various reasons they have ended, maybe you live somewhere where there are only a very few other LGBT people within your community, maybe you live in one of the 70 plus countries where being LGBT is still illegal so therefore you just cannot openly and easily meet anyone else, or a culture where it is hidden or looked down upon, or maybe you have been banished from family and friends or society, or targeted because of your sexuality. There are so many reasons why it is a challenge for the LGBT people worldwide to find love.


A fascinating, open and unique insight into love and relationships within different LGBT communities worldwide.

Contributions need to be in prose format ONLY (sorry, no poetry for this collection), and from between around 1000 and 3000 words.


Fact only please, no fiction, based upon your own personal and cultural beliefs, thoughts, expectations and experiences about/of relationships and love, and the challenges you have faced, or continue facing.


So we can observe how people's experiences perhaps differ with age, nationality and culture, each chapter will start with your FIRST name only, age, nationality and country of residence, so please head your chapter with these details. You can write under a pseudonym for this title if you want to too.


I can't pay for your contribution, but I will send you a paperback copy of the book once published.


Please send your contribution to:


DEADLINE: 31st December 2017.

Any questions? Please CONTACT US

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